I’ve been searching tirelessly for a place when I can have my smile straightened, whitened and restored. I nearly gave up on my dental health, but now I’ve found a solution in Diamond Dental Facilitator. Thanks to them, my smile is brighter and better than it has ever been before, and I couldn’t be happier!

Jack Smith

I don’t normally write reviews, but I had to make an exception here. I heard about Diamond Dental Facilitator from one of my friends. After putting off visiting their office for years, I told myself that It was time to stop procrastinating and take charge of my dental health. I put off my dental visits because of issues relating to finances, and my last experience with a dentist was unpleasant. That time had passed, and I needed dental care; I was waking up and going to bed with unexplainable pain emanating from my mouth. There were times my toothaches kept me up at night. After talking to the experts at Diamond Dental Facilitator, they offered professional services at a price which I could finally afford. I visited their beautiful clinic and was pleasantly greeted as soon as I walked in. The clinic was Zen-like; everyone I encountered was helpful in some way. My treatment began promptly. The room I went in for the treatment was quite comfortable; they even provided me a warm blanket and a headset for relaxation. I was able to watch my favorite television series while the experts did what they do best, and before I knew it, they were done. My experience was astonishing. I would have never thought a dentist visit could be so gratifying. Thank you!ow on the TV the work was done in no-time. I’m so astonished with my experience. I would have never thought a dentist visit was this pleasing. Thank you!

Dennis Rosenberg 

Thanks for DDF, I’m able to smile again! It all started a few years back on my ski trip. An accident caused one of my teeth to break in half. Though my local dentist fixed, I felt that something was… missing. I wasn’t smiling as much as I used to. To cut a long story short, it was going to cost too much to go to the dentist again, so I stopped giving that prospect any serious thought. After a recommendation from my college, I found DDF, which has provided me with a variety of good options which my budget could handle. Now that I’ve visited DDF, I will never go anywhere else. If you’re looking for an affordable service that you can count on, look no further!

Ryan Armant

I presumed that my dental insurance would cover most dental services. Never could I have been more wrong! Not only would my dental care not be covered by my dental insurance, it was going to cost me near 45K! I plainly and simply couldn’t afford that. With that being the case, Diamond Dental Care was recommended to me by a family member. I’m relieved to discover that when it comes to dental care, there are economical options to choose from. Not only that, but I was also able to receive great financing. I would recommend Diamond Dental Facilitatorto anyone that struggled with affording dental care as I did. Thank you, Diamond Dental Facilitator!

Ian Haley

I needed 5 crowns and 2 implants. DDF was able to accommodate me almost immediately. Once I arrived at the clinic, I was unexpectedly pleased with how friendly and helpful everyone I met was. The prices and services were outstanding. I left with a beautiful, healthy smile which I will cherish.

David Grey

Your staff is just awesome! I had a great face-to-face financial discussion with Diamond Dental Care . They are as helpful as they are knowledgeable. They walked me through all my options and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I wanted some cosmetic work done but I just didn’t have the money to get it done. After Diamond Dental Care informed me of how much my services would cost and how much money I stood to save, choosing them was a no-brainer. A week later, my work was done, and I’m elated. I only wish I knew about you guys sooner! Big thanks!

Ben Goldberg 

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