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Our warmth and energy will envelop you the moment you step through the doors of the offices of our esteemed dental care providers.

Your First Visit With Our Providers 

Going to a new dental office can be a worrying process for many individuals. That’s why our team at Diamond Dental Facilitator will do everything within their power to ensure your transition is an easy one. We will put you in touch with the friendliest and warmest dental offices out there, and of course, one which you can afford to go to.

What to Expect at Your New Patient Appointment

Our dental care providers will escort you to their state-of-the-art patient area, where a dentist will discuss any specific concerns which you may have. If you want a scale and clean at your first appointment, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange our schedules accordingly to suit you. In some situations, which may be beyond our control, we may need to reschedule the scale and clean to a later date, so that we can spend more time consulting you in respect of your dental health. Your first appointment involves a detailed examination whereby the health of your teeth, mouth, gums and jaws are assessed.

Are you considering cosmetic treatments, or a smile makeover? You’re more than welcome to talk to us about what’s bothering you about your teeth, mouth, gums and/or jaws, no matter how insignificant you may think it to be. Our dental care providers will, based on the concerns you’ve expressed, conceptualize a treatment plan that resolves your issues and is specific to you, using their years of practical experience and knowledge.

Affordable and Stress-Free Dental Appointments 

We believe visiting the dentist should never be a hassle, or inordinately expensive. That is why we always make a concerted effort to relieve you of the financial and physical stress associated with visiting the dentist.

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