general dentistry

Over time, we have developed relationships with a variety of dental care providers, all of whom are able to meet your dentistry needs.
The service we provide is completely free. Our responsibility is to facilitate the transactions between you, the client, and the dental care providers who offer a variety of services related to dentistry, such as dental checkups, children’s dental health and preventative dentistry.

Dental Checkups 

We employ a personal, hands-on approach to providing nurturing dental care to our clients. Whatever your concerns may be, we’ll help you to address them and plan accordingly.

We can promise you that visiting our dental care provider’s office won’t be like an ordinary dental appointment; it’s an experience designed to transform your opinion about dentistry. Our providers will give you undivided attention as they work with you to care for your smile through comprehensive examinations, saliva checks, diagnostic X-rays and more.

Children’s Dental Appointments

Imagine a team of dental care providers that’s truly attentive to the dental needs of children as well as adults; that way, your entire family’s dental needs can be attended to in one location. That’s precisely the kind of service which we will help you find at Diamond Dental Facilitator. We will provide your children with the healthiest, happiest smiles so that they can grow up without ever worrying about their oral health.

We will connect you to dental care providers who know how to help their clients avoid complex dental concerns before they start. The practices required for this usually involve early intervention and preventative techniques to help children enjoy a positive outlook on their visits with their dental providers.
No matter what we do, our overarching objective is to help make it more affordable for families to receive regular dental care.

Preventative Dentistry;

Enjoy gentle scale and cleans with our passionate and experienced hygienist. Through ongoing preventative care, you can reduce your risk of oral diseases that impact your oral and overall health. For example, if left untreated, periodontitis can complicate conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

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